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Premium Car Servicing 
Premium Plus+ Servicing 
Small Car
Medium (Sedans/Vans/Utes)
Large (Luxury/Sports/4x4s)

Premium Car Servicing

Our Premium Car Servicing includes... 

• Road test
• Check engine cooling system
• Engine oil change (not synthetic)
• Visually inspect exhaust system and underbody
• Engine oil filter replacement
• Inspect all tyres for wear and pressure
• Fluid level inspection
• Inspect steering system components and operation
• Check and report on transmission and driveline fluids
• Inspect front and rear suspension
• Coolant, hose and radiator condition check
• Check of all exterior lights
• Battery load test and condition inspection of cables and terminals
• Air conditioning system check
• External drive belt inspection
• Check operation of windscreen wiper blades and washers
• Inspection of park break operation, front and rear brakes,
brake hydraulic system, brake fluid condition and
brake pads and rotors check
• Reset service indicator where possible*

Premium Plus+ Car Servicing

Our Premium Plus+ Car Servicing includes everything the Premium Service AND...

• Engine oil change (synthetic)
• Clean exterior plenium chamber
• Check engine cooling system and glycol concentrate
• Electronic management system check
• Inspection of all brake parts including brake hoses
• Free monthly pressure and engine oil level check
• Check all interior and exterior lighting
• Balance wheels and rotate as required
• Check, report and/or replace engine air filter
or air conditioning pollen filter, as required
• Lubricate all doors and locks as required

At easyauto123 we make maintaining your car’s safety and performance easy and convenient.

What you see
is what you get

You and your car
are in good hands

Benefits that keep
going...and going

Regularly servicing your car ensures that it is always in the best condition and remains safe for yourself and others on the road. From the moment you book your service, until you receive your keys back from us, our dedicated team will keep you informed on what’s happening with your car.

Any faults or issues we may find and our recommendations will be discussed with you.

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Logbook servicing

It’s a common misconception that you need to return to the dealer where you purchased the car. easyauto123 are authorised to perform servicing and maintenance on new cars.

If your car is still under its manufacturers or statutory warranty, we will service your car according to your manufacturer’s specifications and only use the genuine parts that they would use so that your warranty remains valid. Our qualified technicians are highly experienced and are supported by the latest equipment and processes.

Car servicing should be convenient and affordable, and as a national retailer we can provide genuine and premium brand parts and products. Your logbook service inclusions will depend on your car’s make, model and age. Please enquire for inclusions and pricing.

easyauto123 Mechanical Protection Plan

It’s important to service your car according to schedule so that you can continue to enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your car’s critical components are protected. If you have any questions about your easyauto123 Mechanical Protection Plan please contact us.

Cars purchased from easyauto123 come with a free easyauto123 Mechanical Protection Plan which provides repairs and replacement of your car’s critical components. If you would like to find out more or enquire about your easyauto123 Mechanical Protection Plan, please contact a member of the easyauto123 team. 

Car System Maintenance

Our team of qualified and experienced mechanics can help you with repairs for your car’s important parts. As easy as booking your service, just let us know what you need done, give us some details on your car and we’ll take care of the rest.

We provide repairs on brakes, suspension, clutch and transmission, exhaust systems, auto-electrical, cooling system and air-conditioning. We’ll provide you with a repair quote upfront, and we won’t perform any additional repairs without your express approval so that you don’t incur any surprise expenses.

If you have any questions, please contact our nearest service centre. 

Cooling system service
Automatic transmission service
Power steering service (hydraulic only)
Fuel injector service (on vehicle)
Brake fluid service
Engine management diagnostics inspection
Air conditioning service including cabin filter

We are a certified service centre authorised to offer logbook servicing.

* Terms and conditions apply:
Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information, easyauto123 makes no guarantee as to the accuracy and/or completeness of information. All our advertised prices are inclusive of GST and subject to change without notice. We agree to perform the services as described. Any additional work performed, will be discussed with the customer prior to carrying out the work. These additional items will be at the customer’s expense. easyauto123, is irrevocably entitled to determine the service car classification (Small/Medium/Large).

Loan cars are provided on a fee per day basis and are subject to availability.