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As the only point of contact between your car and the ground, your tyres are one of your car’s most important components. Our qualified and experienced mechanics will help you make sure your tyres are still roadworthy, make recommendations on what you can do to extend your tyre’s lifespan and keep you safely on the road.

Tyre inspection

 In just 30 minutes, for no cost, our qualified and experienced mechanics will inspect your tyres to make sure they comply with your manufacturer’s placard, inspect your tread depth to estimate your tyre’s remaining usage, check that your tyres are wearing evenly, make sure they’re at the right pressure and make recommendations on any further improvements or safety requirements. Come in for an obligation-free tyre inspection today.

Tyre Service

Tyres and Wheels

Front and rear tyres wear at different rates and so it's important to rotate, balance, and align your tyres as it can help you get more out of your existing tyre tread. Rotating, balancing and aligning your tyres will help them wear evenly, extend their lifespan and will save you on fuel in the long run.

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Tyre replacement

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The most common question our customers ask us is, “how can I choose the right tyre for my car and needs?”

Our qualified and experienced mechanics will guide you to the best tyres for you and your car.  

There isn’t a specific formula - your car, your budget, and your lifestyle will determine the tyre you need. Speak with our qualified and experienced technicians who will recommend the right tyre for your needs.  

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Wheel alignment and balancing

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Tyres are moving parts and our roads aren’t always perfect, so with regular use, your tyres will lose their alignment and balance. We can redistribute the weight around your tyres so they last longer and realign them so your car handles better and improves your fuel economy.

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